Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Upon Further Review...

... We are against the Music City Center!

When Nashville's Priorities started out, our mission was to find and publicize the facts about the proposed Music City Center. Despite the disinformation of MCC proponents, NP was NOT originally against the MCC, just desperately seeking facts and information (btw, the administration has yet to deliver anything resembling reliable, factual data).

Well, after much research, we reached the inescapable conclusion that THIS IS A BAD DEAL FOR NASHVILLE. Now, that may strike some gentle readers as a "Duh!" moment, but we have scrupulously tried to avoid establishing a position until we had exhausted every logical approach to try to make sense of this project.

Perhaps engaging logic and rational thought was a mistake, because the facts of this deal will make your head explode. Especially since pro-MCC forces (who are paid handsomely for their personal attacks, intimidation and disinformation) are relying on their loud, steady, hackneyed drumbeat of civic cheerleading to drown out thoughtful, civil discourse.

But this is not a done deal -- contact your council members and the mayor and let them know that when they finally do the math, the numbers will not add up for Nashville. And as the grafitti on a wall in Pompeii said "non illegitimati carborundum est"!

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